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by Cindy B Designs on September 19, 2014

Hi stampers! It's been a long time since I blogged or have done much of anything but unpack, get my back done for the 54th time and injure myself. I am on 2 weeks of a right drop wrist and yes, you guessed it, I'm right-handed. When I had the left drop wrist, it was less than a week and I could use my fingers to type. This one is bad and there is absolutely not one sign of improvement. I've seen the neurosurgeon. No guarantees with surgery, which would be in 3 different places on my arm. A drop wrist comes from a radial nerve injury and you are not immune from it. I would like to do a video, put my 8-year-old Windows PC finally died with 6 unedited videos on it, so I'm going to take it in and a least grab the data off of it. I didn't get a blue screen of death, but the black one. It will barely start up and then just quit so I'm pretty sure its nothing serious. If it's going to take me almost 3 years to learn how to insert a watermark on my pictures with this Mac, I will never learn iMovie Maker. The books don't speak my language. Sacramento is now too far away to attend any classes. I should have done it when I was in the Bay Area. I've been thinking about a lot of places to put down permanent roots. It's just me now and my 26-year marriage was shattered, along with the lives of my kids, and they are spread out all over the place. It wasn't supposed to happen like this and it makes me so very sad.  

Speaking of Apple, I ordered my new iPhone 6 Plus and it should be here any day now! I'm super excited about that. I even got the special printer that can be ordered too. It holds photo paper and I can print my pictures from my phone and get them right into my Project Life. Did you know that you can download a new Project Life app to your phone? It's very cool and only $2.99. I got mine today. I haven't played with it yet but I'm sure I'm going to love it and so will you!

I made this card by just using markers and colored directly on the stamp. I really miss coloring images. It was so relaxing to me. There's not too much I can do. I suppose I will start using my "builder" 2 and 3-step stamping sets, but it's now the same; however, practicing on how to fully utilize them never hurts and maybe I will even come up with some new techniques using just regular stamps. We shall see.

Please keep me in your prayers. I'm getting really tired of this. Even taking a shower requires a 2-hour nap since I literally exhaust my arm and hand trying to wash my hair. Razor blades are pretty dangerous to me too. I had a terrible scare in there yesterday morning almost going through the glass door. I got banged up pretty good. I really didn't need that. I'd also really like to find the remotes to the front room TV to watch TV there rather in my room. It always makes me feel like I'm sick when I lay in bed and watch TV during the day. It was just too easy and too logical for the movers to put the remotes in the drawer of the TV stand. 

I hope you like this very simple card. Thank you so much for stopping by to see me today and God bless you! I have about 3 million projects going on right now, all organized in their respective baskets without a protocol of what I was thinking, except for 2, so I might as well clean everything up. One was a very lovely fall project using products from the Stampin' Up! Holiday Catalog. Hopefully it will come back to me. I have a lot more cards to show you so be sure to stop back by and visit me! Hugs and blessings to you!

The Book of Esther. One of my favorites. God is not mentioned one time but you see him everywhere.

Image 1 Image

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Hi friends. I'm a tad frustrated right now. I can't stand the new WordPress platform. It doesn't auto save and you have to leave the page to do so and I just lost an hour of writing you a blog post that I actually got right for once. 

I like to watch others like me who have long videos while I'm crafting or just goofing around. Somehow, I came upon this lady, her name is Mary, and she is the southern Gina K. You have got to watch her videos. I really enjoyed her and subscribed. She incorporates a little big of everything into her projects and I even feel confident that I could pull off what she did. She's just the sweetest lady and I think you will enjoy her as much as I do!

Here is Mary's Blog CardzTV and here is Mary's Fabulous You Tube Channel, CardCrazy09. Subscribe. I just adore her and she's absolutely amazing in all of her paper crafting, coming up with new ideas and modifying old school. Subscribe.

I was in the Bay Area getting my back fried this week or else I would have had this up in time. I didn't get home until pretty late last night as I went grocery shopping and spent way too much money, BUT, it's for my new class of –


Excited? You should be! This is a great one. I have so much planned and we're cooking and dressing up jars, and then we will be making even more fun items before my next class in October. I have a ton of great baked items to show you so bust our your baking stuff. The class covers everything above and I might go beyond the date listed or do 2 videos a day. As usual, we have challenges, prizes, and more awesome Guest Designers! My Holiday Catalog Class was a huge success and this class you will love even more. While the site is being built, I'm putting a blog badge for you to sport on your blog below. Leave me a comment that you are sporting my badge and I will go on prize patrol and you could win something from one of my sponsors for this class! If you do not have a Stampin' Up! Gift Box Punch Board, you might want to invest in this. You will be using it forever. We are also going to be doing some good old fashioned measuring, just like our moms did. I remember my gram just knowing exactly how much to put in with everything so I don't even think she had a set of measuring cups. She used to work in a bakery and could that woman ever cook. I used to spend my summers with her growing up and would come home 15 pounds heavier. Seriously. Now I'd probably end up with an upset stomach! The class fee is $12.95 and you will walk away learning so much, having a great time, and making the most coolest paper goods to recipe jars to decorating everything in between, not to mention gift wraps and tags! I hope you will join me. Registration will be open next week and class will be held at the Cindy B Designs Card Classes website.


Since it's the first Saturday of the month, that also means it's time for the Cindy B Designs Challenge. Are you ready?


Grab a stamp set and use it for another purpose than what it was intended for -

much like my card. It was an ombre building stamp set but I used it to make a

very colorful card instead. 

1GreenBannerPrizeStampin' Up! All Abloom and Moonlight Designer Series Paper Stacks.

Each paper stack has 48, 4-1/2 x 6-1/2 sheets.



These fun paper pads have a retail value of $6.95 each. I love using them. They come in handy for so much. Good luck and I can't wait to see what you come up with. Be sure to tell your friends because I do need 5 players, okay? The challenge ends on September 30 and the winner will be announced on October 1, 2014. 


Thank you so very much for stopping by to visit me today and God bless you. Long post. Here is our video and the card that I made for you!







Image 1

Image 2



Luke 3.

Just a couple of things: I need 5 players to participate. If you are out of the country, a gift certificate will be available to you. No back linking. Please create a new project for this challenge and link directly to the blog post for this challenge, not your entire blog, please. Thank you!

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