Flowers for Mackenzie w/ Video and Her Art

by Cindy B Designs on July 24, 2014

Hey stampers! Today I have a card and a video that I made for my Big Princess Artiste Fashionista. Mackenzie just turned 21 and has been an amazing artist all of her life. Her art has won prizes in contests when she was in school. She can do anything. I posted a picture that she drew a few days ago and took it while it was hanging on the wall and I had this terrible glare as I'm still taking iPhone pictures. I need to go to Best Buy or something. Anyhow, I took the picture off the wall and took quite a few pictures of her drawing she made for my daddy. She loves San Francisco and it was my dad who showed her the beauty of The City. She spent hours and hours drawing this incredibly detailed picture of San Francisco at night with a view from the Golden Gate Bridge. Her art and that lousy picture I took caught the eye of a stamp company owner who wants Mackenzie to come on as an illustrator! You all know how this industry is and to have a stamp company contact you out of the blue like that is unheard of!

I just lost about an hour of writing for this post and I really could scream right now. I had so much information to share with you. I am just devastated that this is happening to me quite often. I need to check my settings for an auto save. WordPress has changed a lot and not for the better either! I looked high and low for it too. Very frustrating and disappointing. I had so much written from my heart to my family and to you.

Grab some lunch while I share with you my daughter's painting. Enjoy!

Image 6

Image 7

Image 10

Image 11 Image 12

Image 13

Image 14

Image 15

These pictures are absolutely  - I can't even think of a word! She is brilliant! I see Coit Tower in there and the Transamerica Building. These pictures are stunning. Notice the cityscape and how she drew that? It's exact as to how San Francisco sits on the Pacific Ocean. I love San Francisco too and would love to take a trip down there of just her and I and spend a weekend doing whatever we want. Before the kids became adults, I used to take one of them on a mom and me trip once a year and boy did we ever have the best and funny times! I can't wait to scrapbook everything and get my precious pictures out of it and start to organize them. 

For my card, I am going to do a Part 2 and Part 3. As I was making the card below, I realized just how much versatility this one stamp set has and I want to utilize the different techniques and looks I can get from this stamp set of Friendly Flowers by Papertrey Ink with coordinating die-cuts. This stamp set coordinates with one that Dawn McVey designed years ago and the die-cut for that stamp set will cut out the larger images perfectly. 

This card turned out to be a more of how to make your own background and one sheet wonder stamping. Remember how fun it is to make your own background before the surge of patterned paper? That is true stamping is creating. I am personally trying to shy away from products like that as I really, as in desperate really, need to purge. You name it, I have it, and it will be up on eBay. I will keep you posted. 

In the meantime, again, in this video I'm explaining a few things to Mackenzie, but she really needs to come up here and spend some time with me. 

Thank you so much for stopping by to see me today. Thank you for praying for me and my family. I appreciate you. Enjoy the video and the card!

1 Corinthians 13: 4-8.


Image 16

Image 17

Image 18

Image 19

Have a very blessed day! Thank you for watching.

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Hey stampers! I have a lot of stuff to share with you today so grab a cuppa and enjoy. 

First, I have a new online card class from August 25 to September 4 of my Holiday Parade 2014! This class will be every other day. I just think that is easier on everybody. I will have challenges, prizes and the usual. I would love for you to join me. This class will be held at the Cindy B Designs Card Classes site for $12.95. Sign-ups will start next week. I'm pretty excited about this and have a sneak peek video for you below of one page of the Stampin' Up! 2014 Holiday Catalog. I got to look at it last Friday and it's 55 pages of absolutely awesome new products, some of which really surprised me. If you listen closely in the video, the new products from the page I was working off of are mentioned. You must get the Endless Wishes (link is to the digital download) stamp set. It's available right now, but out of stock, and it's so popular that Stampin' Up! has had to have it manufactured several times, so keep looking and I will let you know too. Go to my Stampin' Up! Online Store and search for Item 133455. I got mine the 2nd round. You will also want to keep your 1/8" Silver Ribbon handy too with a few rolls. You can start placing your Holiday Catalog orders on August 28. I should get my order around August 5 or so and then look out because I'm going to be playing with all of that cool stuff and share it with you here. I am very impressed with this catalog. I like the direction that Stampin' Up! is heading back to, which is an industry leader with innovative products that I have not seen elsewhere and that's what got me back as a demonstrator, not to mention the 20% discount, free stuff, getting to order a month early, and an entire host of reasons. The benefits are tremendous if you really work your business or even being a hobby demonstrator where you are your own best customer. I've gone both routes, but I started with Stampin' Up! in 2007 and have been with them off and on throughout the years. I think that everybody is introduced to Stampin' Up! through a friend having a party. I remember my first party in 2007 that my girlfriend from work invited me too. It was instant addiction and what I could make was so cool. I remember sort of not knowing what I was doing when I went to a local craft store and got a few things even before I knew about Stampin' Up! and made my daughter's 13th birthday card and it turned out great! You opened it up and there was a banner that I made completely from scratch and a pocket on the front of the card that I inserted a note to Mackenzie in. I was going to be in the hospital at that time and new beforehand and wanted to make her something from my own two hands and heart. She's 21 now and I'd bet the farm that she still has it. I know my youngest 3 kids keep the cards that I've made them throughout the years. I'm not sure about my oldest. As I was organizing the other day, I came across my Boys Will Be Boys stamp set and thought of him because there are Lego's in the stamp set and it's really perfect for him right now because that was his last Christmas present from me, seriously, was Lego's. My oldest son is 28 and just made me a grandmother a tad over 2 months ago of the most perfect grandson. So I've been playing around with that set making fun stuff thinking about my sons. I also still love to color and it was very fun to color with my Blendabilities. Before daddy passed away, he told me that even as a little girl, my favorite thing to do was color. I always wanted that 96 box of crayons and never got them but I have the biggest box they have now of over 100 colors! My daughter, Mackenzie, is now 21 and a vet tech and I'm very proud of her. She is also a brilliant artist herself. I've always wanted her to draw for me and start a stamp company together with her hand drawn images. Here is one below that she gave to dad. It's an iPhone picture because I still haven't replaced my broken cord/camera or figured out dad's "too much for me camera," but I need to do something pretty fast about that. Look at what she did below and how so very detailed the picture is. There's a terrible glare and I hope that you can really see her talent.

Image 2

I think I can remove that white block/glare and will do so after I come home from an appointment. She loves San Francisco. You can't help but look at it and stare to see her fascinating attention to detail.

Now I will share with you what I made with some products that I had on hand from the new Stampin' Up! 2014 Holiday Catalog. I hope you enjoy the video and pictures. Below the video and pictures, I will also share with you other Stampin' Up! information of our weekly deals and other news that you don't want to miss. 




Image 1


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John 13:34-35.


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